For Sale Section
For Sale one Blue 85 Toyota Supra cargo cover  
Slightly dirty but otherwise in good condition. $25
A/D/S 10's in a very solid box.  Carpet OK with  a few blemishes that in no way affect
performance.  Took them out because it too much space in the trunk, so I switched to a
single 12".  These subs are top notch older A/D/S A series subs (not he RS series)
perfect for sealed enclosures and a tight sound.  I've run them at 2 and 8 Ohm (each
speaker is a single 4 Ohm voice coil) with anywhere from 100-200 watts each and they
sounded excellent.  I really would like to keep them and somehow incorporate them into
a future system but they are taking up too much of my very limited space.

$200 plus shipping (local pickup preferred)  Contact me with offers art will@willdabeast